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Adorable Golden Retriever Thinks He’s Dad To Four Baby Bunnies


Golden retrievers are known to be gentle dogs but this adorable pup named Bailey exceeded the breed’s reputation when he became surrogate father to four adorable bunny babies.

Bailey’s owner didn’t know how he’d respond to four baby bunnies moving into his home but thanks to his gentle nature, his paternal instincts took over, and he began loving on the little sweet buns.

The bunnies are equally enamored with their new fur dad and have no fear of the gentle giant. Perhaps they think he’s one giant rabbit with floppy bunny ears? No telling what they think but one thing is for sure, they love their new dad!

The sweet little bunnies love to cuddle and climb on their floofy doggo dad, who is lounging on the bed while the little brown bunnies hop around and play on him and in his fur. Like all proud dads, Bailey watches his buns play with a look of pride on his sweet face.

The adorable babies snuggle up to Bailey, twitching their tiny bunny noses, with their puffy bunny tails bopping, and their precious dark button eyes, it’s hard to imagine that anything can top the cuteness shown in this video.

Friendships between animals are always adorable to watch but Bailey the golden playing with these tiny rabbits are about the cutest thing, ever. It’s impossible to watch the video only once, the five of them are so cute together.

He loves snuggling, kissing, and watching over his new little hoppers as they explore. The bunnies show zero fear of the dog and act as though having a big golden retriever for a dad is just a totally normal thing.

If you want to see more of Bailey, you can join his nearly 15k fans over on Instagram. There you will find lots of adorable pictures of the sweet pooch who lives with his owners in Spain.

Until then, hit replay on this adorable video to watch the dog and bunny adorableness again. Then go ahead and share it with your friends.

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