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Adorable Baby Rhino Makes Friends With Her Rescuers Cat This little orange kitty found her calling in life, to help save baby rhinos! ?


Animal rescue workers are saviors to the animals they protect.  Without their hard work and devotion, many animals would perish without them. This woman and her kitty are devoted to a special kind of rescue; they help save baby rhinos.

Jamie and Mewie volunteer at The Rhino Orphanage.  They take care of baby rhinos that have been orphaned in the wild.  Jamie cares for the rhinos day and night and makes sure the little babies adapt to their new home.

In this video, Jamie gets a call about a very young orphaned rhino whose mother has been killed by poachers.  The baby is also injured; presumably she was hit with a machete while trying to protect her mother.

Jamie goes to pick up the rhino. When she does, she puts a blindfold on her and puts ear plugs in her ears to help calm her and ease her fears.  As far as rhinos go, this one is just a little adorable bundle of baby rhino love.

She takes the baby back to the orphanage and gives her a bottle and she settles into bed. The baby, they name Jamila, needs lots of love and comfort.  She gets plenty of cuddles and snuggles to try to reassure her that she is safe.

One special resident at the orphanage also does her part to help Jamila settle into her new life.  Jamie’s cat, Mewie, makes friend with Jamila.  She follows Jamila and plays with her outside.

The kitty and the rhino take walks, naps, and play so cute together.  Jamila seems to enjoy her new kitty friend and she is certainly a good companion for the rhino.  The way they interact together could not be more adorable.

The purpose of the orphanage is to one day release the rhinos back into the wild, on a protected reserve.  The babies are bottle fed every few hours until they are weaned at 16 months.  They live at the orphanage for until they are about 3 years old.

The babies are adorable and love their human protectors.  They come up for hugs and attention and to play with their caretakers.  One of the cutest things they do is make adorable sounds.  They also like to run and play in mud holes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see these cuties and their kitty friend Mewie. Please share their story with your family and friends.

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