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Abandoned Bulldog Forced To Eat Leaves To Survive Finds Her Happy Ever After We’ll never understand how someone could abandon this precious dog. So glad she was saved. ❤️


An abandoned little bulldog is left all alone on the cold streets and is forced to eat leaves to survive.  The dog is in terrible shape, it’s truly heartbreaking to witness.

The terrified bulldog clearly has a skin condition along with being severely malnourished and freezing.  One has to wonder how this can happen yet we see people abandon their dogs again and again seemingly with zero conscious or care.

What we also see is some of the best in humanity as two kind strangers from Homeless Paws wrap up the sweet little dog in a towel and take the first steps to rescue her from her tragic life on the streets.

The kind souls immediately take her to the vet, where they find the little dog is so cold the vet can’t even take her temperature. As the poor little thing is examined, she shows no sign of emotions or aggression; she just seems too weak and betrayed to care.

Fortunately once on an IV, things start to turn around for this budding little beauty.  She starts to warm up and regain her appetite.  One can even see a little life return to her eyes.  Sadly, she is not yet out of the woods and has a fever but in hopes she will make a full recovery, they name her Pumpkin and continue to treat her.

Days pass and as Pumpkin gets better she starts to get stronger and it’s clear she really loves her food and happy she’s no longer eating leaves.  She has a way to go but the vets are confident this little fighting Pumpkin is going to make it.

She gets stronger and stronger and her skin begins to heal, and her new beautiful fur starts growing in.  She starts playing with toys and her personality could not be more adorable, a true diamond in the rough.

Finally, one day she is well enough to try her first In and Out Burger, which of course every dog should have on their to-do list.  Her first Pupaccino and taste of peanut butter soon follow.  Pumpkin is now living large and is super happy and playful.

Pumpkin was eventually adopted by a wonderful owner and renamed Kennedy.  From life on the streets to pampered happy dog, what a happy ending for this sweet baby thanks to all the people at Homeless Paws.

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