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21 Before And After Rescue Transformation Photos That Will Melt Your Heart


All shelter animals deserve to be rescued. For the pets lucky enough to be adopted into loving homes, their lives are transformed for the better. Many of these animals discover love for the first time or are placed with new families that will now adore them forever.

Many dogs and cats living in shelters are scared and anxious. They find their surroundings stressful and lonely. They don’t know what to expect or what is expected of them. Often the situation they find themselves in leads to sadness or depression.

The good news is that most of the time when dogs and cats are rescued, they begin to blossom outside the shelter walls. Once they realize that a new life awaits, their sadness turns to happiness.

When adopting a shelter animal, it can be hard to look past the pain and sadness and see the diamond in the rough. Here are 21 amazing before and after transformations that will melt your heart and make you want to go out and rescue a pet of your own.

1. From bashful to beautiful

2. From twice the sad to twice the smiles

3. From heartbroken to happy

4. From sick puppy to shining star

5. From emotionally shut down to amazing

6. From forlorn to fabulous

7. From starving to nourished with food and love

8. From homeless to homebody

9. From left alone to a life of leisure

10. From cautiously hopeful to confident

11. From petrified to positively adorable

12. From hot mess to hot stuff

13. From nearly blind to dazzling

14. From shabby to chic

15. From terrified momma to such good girl

16. From please help me to I’m your new best friend

17. From give me a chance to the sweetest house dog

18. From abandoned sick and alone to I’ll never leave you alone

19. From destitute to diva

20. From forgotten kitty to fabulous feline

21. From abused to adorably bemused

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