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11 Dogs Who Couldn’t Be Happier To Leave The Shelter And We Can’t Get Enough They are all so adorable ?


There are few things that are more rewarding than finding your perfect dog at the animal shelter- not only are you enriching your own life but saving that of an animal in dire need. These eleven photos show how happy these dogs are to be heading to their fur-ever homes!

1. “I love you so much already!”

2. This little guy is so overwhelmed to find a home of his own!

3. “I think I’ll just take a little rest right here.”

4. Finally a caring place to lay his head.

5. “I’m a little nervous about this new place, will you hold my paw until we get there?”

6. She’s headed home just in time!

7. Have you ever seen a smile so big?

8. He couldn’t wait to get home… nap time!

9. Look at that face!

10. Jada’s saving the rest of that treat until she gets to her new home!

11. It’s all smiles from here on out for this lucky girl!

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