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10 Huge Cute Dogs Who Think They Are Still Pups Bigger the dog, bigger the love! 


‘Personal space you say? sorry hoomon, I have no idea what that is!’

Cuddling your new puppy is an amazing feeling, but when they grow to be the size of a horse it can result in you being squashed! Dogs are incredibly loving creatures that enjoy showing how much they care about you. That can be with big sloppy licks or sitting all over you no matter what their size.

Sitting or laying on you can be a mix of things – just showing you how much you mean to them, feeling the need to protect you, marking you as their own, or simply using you as a heat source.

These huge doggos look more like dinosaurs than man’s best friend, but they are big softies at heart.

1. Man’s Best Friend


Credit: Grizzlyblake91

2. Keeping Grandma Company!


Credit: Jchilly12 / reddit.com

3. Blocking The TV


Credit: Homebrewer333/ Buzzfeed.com

4. ‘Do you mind turning the light off? I am trying to sleep!’


Credit: Laurenj89

5. Kids, They Grow So Fast!


Credit: therealnico via buzzfeed.com

6. ‘Straight To The Park Please, Driver’


Credit: Mjk27

7. Adorable!


Credit: MelodyRiver

8. We aren’t The Only Ones Working From Home!


Credit: imgur.com

9. My Face In Every Picture…


Credit: boredpanda.com

10. ‘So, how was your day dear?’


Credit: imgur.com



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