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When Their Song Comes On, This Dog And Her Dad Enjoy A Father-Daughter Dance Penny is the cutest dance partner, ever ?


Penny, the 4-year-old English bulldog from Canada is the light of her fur mom and dad’s life, as she should be.  But on this night, she’s also their Cinderella.

Penny is a much loved pooch whose parents lavish her with affection.  The couple treats the adorable dog like their daughter and she loves to lap up all their attention.

On one special day, her fur dad decides to put on a real ‘father – daughter’ dance for Penny and have mom video it.  The dance turned out to be the most magical dance ever.

This dance, however, is obviously not the one for these two because whenever Penny’s parents play Elton John’s Something About The Way You Look Tonight, Penny comes running.  But on this night, the dance was extra special.

As the music starts to play, Penny extends her right paw and places into her dad’s left hand just like a real dad and daughter would.  The scene becomes so tender as the two begin waltzing to the music.

As Penny and her dad sway, the little pumpkin looks happy and content in the safety of her fur dad’s arms.  She even leans her head back in time with the music, clearly knowing their dance routine.

The pair continues to their waltz while mom watches in the background.  The moment caught on video is too sweet for words.  The relationship between the precious dog and her owners is truly something special.

Their dance ends with a big snuggle from dad and mom telling Penny how much she is loved.  She is such a lucky girl and their father-daughter dance is the best one, ever.

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