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Thomas The Yorkie Steals Dad’s Teeth And Wears Them Around The House This is about the funniest thing we’ve ever seen ?


Dogs are adorable and sometimes they can even be hilarious, especially when they are clueless about why we find them so funny.

This little dog looks about as funny as it gets.  Thomas the Yorkie is a tiny cutie who lives with his dad, Ben Campbell.

Mr. Cambbell decided to bring some comic relief to the social distancing situation so he bought some fake teeth.  Not giving it much thought, he left the teeth on the table one day.

Thomas took this opportunity to snatch dad’s teeth and the results are funnier than his fur dad could have ever imagined.

Dad looks over to see what Thomas is up to and greeted by a huge toothy grin because Thomas has the huge teeth sticking out of his tiny mouth!

His dad grabs his camera and takes this hysterical video while Thomas stares into the camera, eyes gleaming.  Dad is laughing so hard he snorts and we can’t blame him – it’s that funny.

If you need a good laugh, you can’t miss out on seeing the super adorable Thomas wearing a giant hilarious smile!  He looks like a real life smiling emoji.

Please share his smile with your family and friends.

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