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The Goofy Expressions On This Adorable Golden’s Face Will Make You Laugh This is the funniest dog video we’ve seen all day and we’ve seen a lot ?


One of America’s most adorable breeds, Golden Retrievers are super boopable pups! Just looking at their sweet faces can bring a smile and they have happy-go-lucky personalities to match.

Such as this golden boy named Tucker who in an Instagram celebrity. Tucker is known for his goofy expressions and hilarious body language that matches. So far, Tucker has over 2.7 MILLION followers!

It’s really no surprise he has so many fans because Tucker is just freaking adorable. In his pictures, he looks sharp in his bow ties and bandanas. But it’s his facial expressions that really tickle the funny bone of his fans.

You just can’t look at this sweet boy’s face without smiling. Take this hilarious video, for example. All it takes is for his owner to say, “I’m gonna get you,” and Tucker breaks out into the spazzies and starts making funny faces. The best part is his mom took it in slow motion so we can see every second of it…over and over…again.

The video has already received over 1.1 millions views and over 11,000 comments. Pretty astounding for one cute pup. If you want to see more cute-n-funny Tucker videos and pictures, after you watch the video, go check him out on Instagram!

We hope you enjoy this super cute pupper as much as we do. Go ahead and spread the smiles by sharing this video with your family and friends.


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