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Stray Dogs Protect Blind Elderly Woman Found Lying In The Mud Next To A River The stray dogs never left her side ❤️


Dogs are some of the most loving, unselfish creatures on earth.  They demonstrate their care and compassion, all over the world, everyday.  Even dogs that have not been treated well by life are capable of great love.

Such as the case of these two stray dogs who were discovered comforting a woman who had fallen in the mud.  The author of the photos was walking along the bank of a river in Thailand when they noticed two dogs next to what appeared to be a body lying in the mud.

Ake Srisuwan, a netizen from Thailand, uploaded the touching photos on Facebook and told the story.  He was not even sure if the person was dead or alive or why they would be in the mud as he walked closer to check out the scene.

Shocked, he realized the person on the bank of the river was an old woman covered in mud.  Worried that the woman was injured or ill, he tried to help and began questioning people in the area.

He discovered that the woman was a blind, homeless person who frequented the area. It is unknown how she ended up on the bank of the muddy river but it appeared she fell asleep there with the dogs watching over her.

Not willing to leave her alone, two stray dogs stood sentry over the woman so that she would not be alone.  The dogs were also covered in mud and appeared to have been by her side for quite a while.

That area of the river was not safe and inhabited by marine creatures.  Moved with concern about the woman, Ake took her and the dogs to a local hospital for help.  The story reached the ears of local citizens, which prompted authorities to reach out to help her and the dogs find shelter and care.

We hope that she gets the care and help she needs and wish her and the dogs well.  Please share this story with your family and friends.

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