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Smiling Dog Finally Adopted After Spending 400 Days In Arizona Animal Shelter She spent half her life in the shelter but still has lots of love to give ?


When this new mother was taken off the streets with her six puppies and placed in an animal shelter, no one knew she would end up spending half her life there before finding a home.

The 2-year-old stray named Lola was plucked off the streets along with her six puppies and brought to the Wickenburg Animal Shelter in Phoenix, Arizona. When her pups were old enough, they were placed in homes of their own but Lola was left behind.

Arizona Humane Society

After spending half of her life, over 400 days in the shelter, the staff knew they had to do something to help her find a forever home. They decided to transfer her to the Arizona Humane Society in Phoenix in hopes that a change of scenery and the new location would help her get adopted.

The idea worked!

In less than twenty four hours of arriving at the new shelter, a family from Mesa, Arizona adopted the most deserving pup. In her adoption photos, it’s clear that the smiling Lola is thrilled to have found a family to love her.

Arizona Humane Society

Her second chance was made possible through a program called Project Reach Out Program, a cross shelter initiative that helps pets that have medical needs or are living in overcrowded shelters find homes. In the case of Lola, the program helped her find a change of scenery to improve her chances of adoption.

We’re so happy that this adorable dog finally got adopted after spending 400 days behind shelter walls. She is such an amazing dog who deserves all the best. This is what the shelter had to say:

“We couldn’t be happier for this sweet girl and her new family.”

Arizona Humane Society

Please share her story with your family and friends to remind people, it’s never too late and even dogs that have spent a long time in the shelter can make wonderful pets.

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