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Rescued Greyhound Finally Receives A Kiss For The First Time In Her Life This pup had a rough life but finally experiences love ❤️


This greyhound was abused and neglected before finally being abandoned by a hunter with a broken hip. She had never even received a kiss, until the day she was finally taken to the vet for help.

At the vet clinic, she finally spends time in the hands of kindness and compassion. Nearly paralyzed with fear, she gets her exam and has to have a CT scan, to see how much damage she has to her hip.

As the pup begins to recover at the vet, it’s truly the beginning of her new life. Soon she begins the long walk to the reception area where she meets her new family; she’s finally going to a loving, forever home.

She’s a little shy meeting her new people but they are thrilled to meet her. The clinician tenderly comforts her as her new family gathers around her, caressing her and loving her…trying to gain her trust and tell her everything will be okay from now on.

The dog is clearly shy but she has the will to try. She allows her new mom and dad to love her on her and lead her around in her beautiful new collar that matches the beauty of things to come in her new life.

Before they go she gets lots of hugs and kisses from the people who have been caring for her. It’s heartbreaking to see her confusion but also so heartwarming knowing that she can’t stay there forever. She deserves a loving home of her own.

Before she goes, new mom and dad learn how to do her exercises, which she handles like the brave little trooper that she is. Finally, out the door and into the sunshine, the beautiful greyhound is going home. All the days of abuse are now behind her.

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