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Pomeranian Goes Into A Hilarious Rage When Mom Pranks Him By Skimping On His Kibble The look angry look on this dog’s face is priceless ?


Diets are misery. No one likes them, including dogs. Who wants to go hungry when there are so many yummy things to eat? Not this little pooch, who went viral when mom makes a joke and gives him an even skimpier meal.

It all started when mom put this spunky little Pomeranian on a diet. Morseling out his food and counting his calories, mom is trying to help him lose some weight. The pooch is not going to have it.

Her dog Pao is a little dog with ‘tude. He’s waiting for his meal and mom decides to prank him. She scoops up his portion while he sits by his bowl, obviously impatient for his food.

Mom scoops the kibbles into the measuring cup then stealthily pours all but two back in the container. Pao is not yet aware he’s going to be pranked.

Mom bends down and pours two lonely kibbles into his bowl. Pao looks deep into his dish. Slowly he looks up at mom and with a look of rage, smacks his dish across the floor in a fit.

Mom is snickering in the background but the little dog is pissed.

Janeiza, from Thailand, shared her prank on Tik Tok, showing what happened when she fed her two kibbles. The video quickly went viral and has been viewed over 19.5 million times!

Some of the comments went like this:

“The way he slowly looked up is sending me in oblivion.
“I’m dying I can’t breathe.”
“The way his soul was slowly filled with rage.”.
“Pao: aree youu jokingg humannn.”.
“I’ve never seen so much attitude.”

It’s no surprise either, because it’s flipping hilarious. You’ve got to watch it then share it with your friends.

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