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Police Respond To Home Where Sixteen 911 Call Were Made…By The Dogs When the family dogs needed the pawlice, they knew who to call! ?


Law enforcement never knows what type of calls for help they are responding to when the caller is unable to provide information.  It can be especially worrisome when the caller does not respond yet there are dogs barking in the background, which is exactly what happened on this day.

Officers Michelle Roberts and Emily Barnes of the Lakeville Police Department were dispatched to a Lakewood home where sixteen 911 hang up calls had been made over the course of a half an hour.

Upon arriving at the residence, there was no sign of foul play and no one appeared to be home.  The officers decided to clear the call when dispatch notified them that even more calls had been made and all that could be heard was barking in the background.

911, what is your emergency?  Arf

Hello, can in help you?  Whoof, whoof

It was then that Officer Roberts got in contact with the owner and received permission to enter the home through the garage.  Not knowing what to expect, they searched the house only to discover two adorably mischievous dogs had made the calls from a cell phone that was set to “emergency call only.”

The good-humored officers discovered the phone in the owner’s office and assume the playful pups were hitting it with their paws.  The officers then ‘interviewed’ the dogs to be sure they didn’t have a canine problem, such as needing to go out to potty.  All the mischievous dogs wanted were to be pet.

“Our assumption is the dogs were having a rough day and it was the dogs that were seeking assistance through 911,” Officer Roberts joked.

All in all it was a good day for the police and the naughty dogs, Rummy and Bomber, learned how to get some extra attention while their owners were at work.  Fox News 9 also interviewed the two dogs, but they didn’t give up any more information about why they called the police.

We think they are adorable and bet their owner won’t be leaving any more cell phones within reach of their little paws.

Please share their cute antics with your family and friends.

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