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Over 90,000 Animals And Rising Have Been Helped By The Irwin Family In Australia During Bushfire They are true Wildlife Warriors on the battlefield in Australia saving as many fire victims as they can ❤️


While Australia burns alive, heroes are rushing in to help try to save animals, people, homes, and brush lands.

While some of the most destructive fires in history ravage the country, the media has been flooded with images of the devastation, including the countless animal lives that have been lost.

Amidst all the tragedy and danger, people are rushing in to do what they can to help save as many animals as possible but the death toll is massive.  Ecologists from the University of Sidney said that they think around 480 million mammals, birds, and reptiles have died in the fires.

It is estimated that the country’s beloved koalas are now “environmentally extinct” because so many have died.  A third of the koala population in South Wales alone has perished in the flame ravaged country.

Despite all the tragedy, there is some hope.  A familiar family is doing all they can to help save as many animals as possible. The Irwin’s, of the late famous conservationist Steve Irwin, and The Steve Irwin Conservation Foundation, are working tirelessly with rescue efforts.

In fact, their animal hospital has treated an overwhelming number of patients affected by the flames.  It is estimated that over 90,000 animals have received medical care at the Wildlife Hospital and the number is rising.

Many people were worried that their zoo, hospital and sanctuaries might be in danger but Bindi Irwin posted this reassuring message on Twitter:

“With so many devastating fires within Australia, my heart breaks for the people and wildlife who have lost so much. I wanted to let you know that we are SAFE. There are no fires near us @AustraliaZoo or our conservation properties.”

The sheer number of patients that have received care at the hospital is staggering and the Irwin’s have an entire dedicated team helping them accomplish the dream of Steve Irwin.  “It’s what Steve would have wanted”, Bindi said.

Their work is not close to being done but we know the Irwin family will be there until the very last fire victim is treated.  Their devotion to wildlife and the animals is without measure:

“My parents dedicated our Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital to my beautiful grandmother.” She wrote, “We will continue to honour her by being Wildlife Warriors and saving as many lives as we can.”

Please share this story with your family and friends or even better, donate to the Wildlife Warriors today.

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