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Mom Catches Bulldog Named Gypsy Pretending To Be Snowplow, Records Her Laugh-Out-Loud Antics Wait, you mean this isn't an actual snowplow? ?


Some people love snow. Some people hate it. And like us, some dogs have their particular affinity or disdain for snow as well. This video is all about snow and how to make the best of a cold, snowy day.

Gypsy is definitely the type of dog who has a strong affinity for the snow. It is safe to say that she has a passion if you will. Bulldogs are famous for being strong … and a bit of a comedian. Gypsy continues that proud Bulldog heritage of treasured traits! In this viral video, we get to see Gypsy play the role of snowplow on a cold, snowy day in Boulder, Colorado.

Apparently, plowing snow is hard work because you can hear her breathing hard and grunting while having the time of her life. The amount of snow she moves is truly impressive. Given enough time, she could probably clear the entire yard. Maybe even the neighborhood! She uses that big, bulky, bully head of hers to her advantage.

This video is adorable and hilarious to the point that Gypsy’s own owners had to chuckle in amusement. It’s hard to describe just how humorous it is. So, watch and enjoy. Don’t forget to like and share!


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