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Lost Dog Was Found Herding Sheep After Being In A Car Crash This pup didn’t let being in a car accident stop him from following his inner shepherd 😃


When this dog and his owners were involved in a car accident, it was feared the pup would never be seen again. Amazingly, not only did the dog survive, he was found in the most surprising of places.

According to KXAN News, Tilly a border collie/shepherd mix, and his owners were in a car accident in which Tilly was ejected from the car. The frightened dog ran off after the accident and no one knew where he went or how badly he was injured.

Fearing the worst, his worried owners flooded social media with pictures and videos of the two-year-old Tilly, in hopes that he would be found safe. Not only was Tilly found, but he was also discovered doing something surprisingly unexpected.

Tilly had made his way to a local sheep farm located near the accident in Rathdrum, Idaho. Following his inner shepherd, Tilly was discovered by Travis Potter running in the green fields, herding the family sheep, and freaking out the other dogs.

While everyone was frantically worried about Tilly, he was happily doing what came natural to him and apparently having the time of his life. After all, it’s not every day that a dog not only survives being ejected from a car but ends up having a great adventure.

His story has an even happier ending. Fortunately for Tilly, Travis’ grandma in California had seen his story on social media and helped reunite the pup with his grateful owners. Despite how tragic Tilly’s story could have ended, his happy owners came to pick him up and before he went home, he even got to play some ball.

This lucky pup must have had a guardian angel on loan from the Bridge that day keeping him safe from harm. And a big thank you for a grandma who decided to get involved so a dog and his owners could be together again.

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