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Husky Loudly Protests When Told To Get In The Bath When this husky hears "shower" he has the most epic tantrum ever! ?


Monk is a Siberian Husky who REALLY hates bath time and is not afraid to tell his mama just how much he hates it! He not only yells at the top of his lungs, but he throws himself on the ground like a toddler.

Many dog breeds that were originally bred for snowy conditions seem to act like bath water is actually made from acid, but Monk really takes his complaining up a notch from most other dogs!

Luckily his mama has the bathroom door shut so that he can’t run very far away, but the bathroom is plenty large enough for Monk to throw quite the temper tantrum!

The video ends on a cliffhanger – I guess we’ll never know whether or not Monk actually got his bath!

Do you have a dog who absolutely hates bath time? Share this video if you understand exactly what Monk’s mama is going through!

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