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Hilarious German Shepherd Puppy Talks Back To Mom Because She Can’t Bite Her This puppy is so frustrated that mom won’t let her bite her, she starts complaining about it ?


German shepherd puppies are notorious for being super cute and irresistible. With their adorable floofy teepee ears and bright button eyes, it doesn’t get much sweeter.

It’s a good thing that they are so adorable because they are also a little mischievous and love to bite and test their owners. Little German shepherd puppies are all about fun but because they are so smart will wrap their owners around their tiny paws whenever they have the chance.

And, when they’re not wrapping their owners around their paws, they are biting with their tiny sharp teeth, earning them the fond nickname, “land sharks.” They love nothing more than to bite and chase and play, all the time, unless they’re sleeping.

This adorable pupper is no different. She’s hanging on the bed with mom and complaining because mom won’t let her bite her. How hilarious is that? Mom says, “no bite,” and the puppy talks back to her.

The pup is determined to play bite mom and when mom tells her no, she bites the blanket instead. Well, when mom tells her not to bite the blanket, she gets so frustrated she breaks out into adorable puppy growls.

We give a shout out to mom, too because this puppy is very young and has already learned bite inhibition from her mom. It’s obvious her owner has worked hard with this young pup who is already learning the difference between playing with and without using her teeth.

The adorable puppy is just too cute for words in her determination to use her tiny teeth on mom and mom’s blanket. If you miss those adorable puppy days, you’re going to love this video.
If you’ve forgotten what it’s like to own a bitey baby German shepherd, here is your reminder. You’ll love watching this cutie as she plays with mom on the bed looking so cute as she tries to sneak in a play bite or two.

This pup is just too cute. Please share her with your family and friends. They’ll love her, too.

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