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Heroic Pit Bull Injures His Paw While Saving His Owners Life After Accident It didn’t matter that the pup got hurt, he was determined to save his owner ❤️


The bond people share with their dogs run deep. Unconditional love, friendship, and loyalty are just a few of the things people experience with their pups. During times of trouble, dogs often show us how special they really are.

This is the story of one such brave and loving dog that rose to the occasion when his owner was injured, even saving his life, according to doctors.

It all started when Shotgun-Octopus a Reddit user was doing some work on his home. On this day, no one else was home when Shotgun-Octopus climbed up a high ladder to make some repairs.

His gray pit bull named Ham sat below the ladder, watching his owner work, because he loved him according to the post:

“Ham was watching me work because he loves me,” he wrote.

As Ham watched helplessly below, disaster struck. Shotgun-Octopus suddenly fell from the ladder and hit the ground below. In the fall, he split open his head, broke some ribs, and broke his knee.

Shotgun-Octopus knew the situation was serious and started to scream for help. Ham came to his rescue and started howling along with him, then grabbed him and started dragging him to help.

In the mayhem, Ham tore open his paw but it didn’t stop him from trying to save his owner. Finally the pair got the attention of neighbors who called the paramedics that rushed the man to the hospital.

Once at the hospital, he was told without the help of Ham, he would not have survived his fall:

“They told me I wouldn’t have lived. Ham saved my life,” wrote u/shotgun-octopus. “I should be dead, but he saved me.”

The story went viral on Reddit, and he praised his dog as a hero: “Thank you, Ham. You are my best friend.”

Dogs truly are our best friends. Please share this amazing hero story with your family and friends.

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