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Heartwarming Moment Three Cats Stop To Help A Stranded Kitten Reach The Rooftop This cat shows us what it means to be a true friend ❤️


At one time or another, everybody could use some help and encouragement. It’s even true in the animal world. Just look how this cat helps a kitten out when he needs it most.

The touching scene took place in Naples, Italy. A man named Lucio was looking out and was able to capture the entire scene as some cats stopped to help a kitten reach an upper ledge.

Three cats have successfully jumped on a five foot ledge along side of a staircase but the fourth cat; a small kitten is too little to make the leap. The cats stop their journey and look down at the young kitten. It appears that they’re wondering how they can help it reach the top.

Suddenly, one of the cats jumps down from the ledge and approaches the kitten. The cat then picks up the little cat and tries to leap up toward the ledge. But the cat doesn’t have a good grip and the little kitty slips out of its mouth and tumbles down the stairs!

Determined to help the kitten, the cat tries again. The cat has to adjust its grip a few times to make sure he has a tight hold on the kitten. Finally confident with the grip, he tries again. This time when he leaps toward the ledge, they both safely make it!

Satisfied, the little cat family welcomes the kitten with a few sniffs. Then they all happily head off toward the treetops with tails twitching to continue on their cat journey.

It just goes to show, even in the animal world how we can all use a hand…or paw. These cats are the perfect example of how loyal friends don’t leave other friends behind. Rather, they give them the boost they need to make it to the top.

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