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Golden Retriever Plays Lifeguard And Rescues Two Goldfish That Escape Their Bowl The way he places the fish back in their bowl is the sweetest thing ever ?


We’ve seen a lot of adorable animal videos but this one wins the prize in the Overall Sweetness category.  It doesn’t get much cuter than this!

Perhaps the gentlest golden retriever in the world, this adorable pup is just the sweetest thing ever.  In this video, the dog truly shows how tender his heart is toward other animals, in this case, two helpless goldfish.

The video, which has been getting a lot of attention on Twitter, captures the sweet moment with the adorable puppy helps rescue two goldfish that have escaped their fish bowl.

When he finds the two goldfish lying on the ground, he knows just what to do.  He gently lifts the fish with his mouth and places them back into their bowl of water.  He is so careful with the fish; it’s as if he knows just how fragile they are.

Once he places the first fish carefully back in the water, he’s not yet done.  He then nuzzles the fish to make sure it begins to swim.  Once satisfied, he then rescues the second fish and takes equal care to save it.

This golden pup certainly was a lifeguard for these two poor goldfish on that day.  They are lucky to have such a sweet guardian angel looking out for their fishy wellbeing.

The pup is so kind and loving to the fish, it is truly beautiful to see.  Over 1.2 million people have enjoyed this video and we hope that you do too.

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