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Freddy The Great ‘Big’ Dane Is The Tallest Dog In The World This huge guy is over 7’ tall and eats $100 a week in dog food!


What do you do when your dog grows to be 7’5.5” tall when standing on his back legs?  You contact the Guinness Book of World Records, that’s what.

Meet Freddy, the World’s Tallest Dog, according to his certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records.  Freddy is a beautiful merle Great Dane who lives with owner Claire Stoneman in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom.


According to Claire, she had no idea that Freddy would get so big since he was the smallest pup in his litter.  As the runt, no one imagined that he’d grow up to be this huge gentle giant.  His sister, Fleur is a normal sized female Dane, who also lives with Freddy and Claire.


As you can see in their video, Freddy is massive and towers over his owner, who is about 5’ tall.  The two dogs live indoors with Claire and really make life interesting.  When they are moving about the house, they take up a lot of room and make the furniture look small.  In fact, they are not very easy on the furniture and Freddy has gone through 14 couches since Claire got him.


Owning a dog Freddy’s size has some challenges but Claire would not trade him for the world.  The adorable brother and sister are her “fur babies” and she is in love with them both.

What is it like living with Freddy?  Well he is big and strong so Claire walks him in the early morning hours, so he won’t frighten other dogs or people due to his massive size.  He helps himself to drinks from the kitchen sink faucet and opens drawers and cupboards whenever he feels like it.


Feeding the 196 pound Freddy is a financial commitment and Clair spends about $100 a week on his food.  Between brother and sister, she buys 10,000 pounds of dog food a year.  Freddy also gets canned food, several roasting chickens a week, and enjoys peanut butter toast.


Freddy also loves to play with his sister, sunbathe, and lounge on the furniture.  If you want more of Freddy, you can see him and Fluer enjoying life on his Instagram page.

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