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Dog Gets Ecstatic When He Learns He’s Getting A Kitten


Does it seem like this adorable puppy understands every word his human speaks to him!

Everyone needs a friend and dogs are no different. Watch how overjoyed this pup gets when he realizes his dad got him a furry little sister.

This hilarious dialog video is a convo between a dog that wants a kitten and his fur dad who has just come home from the pet store.

The video shows off the adorable dog’s expression as his fur dad tells him about his shopping trip to the pet store. His dad tells him all about seeing the guinea pigs, gerbils, parrots, snakes, hermit crabs, and finally, he gets to the kittens.

Dad nails the dialog and the cute dog’s reaction. This video really sucks you in and has you believing that the dog is really thinking the words that are being said.

When dad says the word, “kitten,” the adorable black and white dog leaps for joy. The pup’s expressions are priceless and there is true joy on his face. The pup obviously knows what kitten means and is so happy over the idea of a little fur sister.

Suddenly there is a tiny meow….

Now that the pupper knows that there is a kitten, he starts to get a little impatient as dad continues to talk about the shopping trip…the turtles…and so on. Then he hears it again-the sweetest little meow from the other room.

At this point, the sweet pup looks right into the camera and he can’t contain his wagging tail as he leaps for joy. He’s just the sweetest dog and now we can’t wait to meet the kitten, either!

And a shelter kitten, even better!

The video is epic and the dialog is near perfection. The dog’s reactions to his owner’s voice are priceless. We can’t get enough of this video and we hope that you enjoy it, too. Please feel free to share with your family and friends.

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