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Dieting French Bulldog Throws A Tantrum Because Mom Won’t Give Her More Food This little doggo clearly wanted more breakfast ?


Dieting can leave the best of us a little grumpy.  It’s just no fun to feel hungry and deprived.  When the grumps turn into the hangrys, everyone better watch out.

Apparently, this little French bulldog was not liking her new diet plan at all.  She had finished her breakfast and was longingly staring into her bowl wishing more food would materialize when she decided to tell her fur mom all about it.

She starts off small, a few little grunts that seem to politely say, “more, please!”  But mom tells her “No. Your breakfast is gone, you’ve had enough.”  That’s when things start to unravel in the most hilarious way.

Her mom gently explains to her that she’s gotten a little chubby and has to lose some weight.  But the dog is having none of her explanation.  She promptly turns around and gives her mom her butt.

Mom then explains to her that she’s not hungry and that she’ll eat again at dinner but the hangry Frenchie is not hearing it and starts to throw a fit.

As mom tries to talk her down, she gets louder and louder demanding more food.  .  By now the cute Frechie flat out throws a temper tantrum!

All you hear is moans, and groans, and lots of LOUD complaining that steadily gets louder. She is acting like toddler dog experiencing the terrible 2’s.

And, as if that is not funny enough, her mom calls the light tan dog by her name – Cashew, which is just hilarious on its own, since now you realize, she does sort of look like a cashew nut.

Cashew continues to throw her tantrum so you hear mom relent and offer her a little snack.  “Snack, you say?” the little dog looks hopeful.  Until she hears mom offer her an ice cube.  If looks could then kill…..

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