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Captured On Camera Dog Drags His Bed Over To His Sick Brother To Help Keep Him Comfy How this pup cares for his hurting fur brother is just the sweetest thing ever ?


These two best friends share so much love they could not be closer. Since the day they met, they’ve been inseparable. And, when one of them got sick, the other concerned pup took care of him in the sweetest way ever.

Since the day they met, Spanky and Roman have been best friends and share a close brotherly love. Spanky looks up to Roman and loves nothing more than to be near him and follow his big bro everywhere he goes. According to their aunt:

“Roman is definitely Spanky’s security blanket. Spanky will do nothing without Roman and always makes sure he is close to him and if he’s not he gets up and goes near him,” Jackie Rogers.

Facebook/Jackie Rogers

So when Roman was not feeling well, Spanky was concerned. Mom noticed Roman’s ear started to swell, so she took him to the vet. Turns out the poor pup had a hematoma and needed surgery but would have to wait a bit before it could be performed.

Source: The Dodo/Jackie Rogers

Back at home, Roman’s ear was getting worse and he was getting more anxious about it. Each day, Spanky stayed by his side and tried to comfort his brother. Eventually, Roman had to return to the vet for another checkup to be sure he could wait the additional five days until his surgery was scheduled.

Source: The Dodo/Jackie Rogers

While at the vet, Spanky went along for the ride but was very unhappy while Roman was inside crying, whining, and barking for his brother:

“We had to take him back to the vet to confirm he could wait five more days for surgery and I brought Spanky along for the ride, but due to COVID we couldn’t go inside with Roman and for 20 minutes Spanky sat in the car crying/whining/barking until Roman got back,” Rogers said.

Source: The Dodo/Jackie Rogers

The vet determined that Roman could wait a little longer for his surgery so the miserable pup went back home. His family kept a close eye on him, including Spanky who never left his side.

Source: The Dodo/Jackie Rogers

Mom and dad had to go to work so they have a Ring Camera set up to keep an eye on the dogs. Since Roman was sick, they were keeping a closer eye out when one day, mom saw Spanky watching Roman resting on the floor.

What she saw next was the most amazing and sweetest thing, ever! Suddenly Spanky walked over to his bed and then dragged it over to Roman so that he’d be more comfortable! The two friends then snuggled up together.

“I see Spanky pacing for a minute while looking at Roman and then the bed and then I see him dragging the bed to Roman and as he’s dragging it he’s looking at Roman almost to say, ‘This is for you,’ and then the next clip is them snuggling,” Rogers said. “I had to re-watch it multiple times, I was in disbelief that he did that!”

Obviously Spanky knew that Roman was not feeling well and wanted to comfort him. The moment is just so sweet and you’ll probably want to watch it over and over again. The love and friendship between these two has to be seen to be believed.

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