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Biker Sees Dog Being Abused On the Side Of The Road And Stops To Save Him This dog was so lucky that someone who cared was there at the right time to save his life ❤️


Brandon went after the guy who quickly threw the dog on the ground and drove away. When Brandon got to the helpless little white dog, it was barely breathing, shaking, and terrified. He picked him up, wrapped him in his jacket, and it was as though the dog instantly decided to trust him.

Brandon posted on Facebook:

“I went after the guy just to give him a number one sign,” Brandon said on Facebook. “And I now have a Co pilot — Meet Mr. DAVIDSON.”

Brandon made sure the dog was okay and then took him for a drive up and down the highway before bringing him home. He filled the cute little dog with food and love and gave him some pillows to sleep on.


With his days of being abused in the rear view mirror, Mr. Davidson quickly got comfortable in his new home and life and now rides the open road with Brandon on his bike. Of course, he wears his goggles and his vest as all cool biker dogs do.

Brandon, being a talented musician, took the opportunity to share Mr. Davidson’s story and his pledge to take care of him forever by creating a video. He is using it to bring more awareness about animal abuse. He also founded BAAANG, Bikers Against Animal Abuse National Global.

Please share this great story and let’s help stop animal abuse. You can check out Brandon Turnbow’s other music videos on his Facebook page and YouTube.

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