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Baby Is So Sleepy – But It’s The Dog’s Reaction That Made Mom Run For The Camera These two make great napping buddies! ?


Every baby should have a dog best friend like this one. Babies are known for their ability to fall asleep just about anywhere. Adorably, this baby takes a nosedive into his furry best friend instead of a bowl of food or a birthday cake!

As the baby starts to sway, clearly moments away from passing out, the dog licks his face to try to keep him awake.

It works for a moment, but the baby is soon swaying again and winds up collapsing onto his furry sibling as she gently lowers him to the ground.

The dog seems perfectly content to be a soft pillow for her baby brother and seems to decide that a nap is a great idea.

Do you think every baby should have a best friend like this dog? If so, then you should be sure to share this adorable duo with all of your friends and family!

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