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29 Album Covers Pets Would Release If They Could These are hilarious-what album would your favorite pet photo go on?


Pets are hilarious.  Some of their antics are epic and most pet owners swear their pet has a sense of humor.  While all pets have their own unique personality, some are just over the top.

It doesn’t matter if they are cute and fluffy, mischievous, or downright crazy; pets are unrivaled in their ability to keep us laughing.  If pets could design their own album covers, they’d probably come up with something like this:

1. Back in Black

2. Bat Out of Hell

3. Oops! I Did it Again.

4. The Bodyguard

5. Rumours

6. Bad

7. Dirty Dancing

8. Born in the USA

9. Running Into You

10. The Wall

11. Slippery When Wet

12. No Jacket Required

13. Come Away With Me

14. Can’t Slow Down

15. Breakfast In America

16. Thriller

17. Frozen

18. I Dreamed A Dream

19. High School Musical

20. In Recovery

21. 21

22. Flashdance

23. Woman In Me

24. Treat Myself

25. All About Love

26. Walking Like We Do

27. Spook The Herd

28. Seeking Thrills

29. Supervision

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