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28 Sunbathing Pets Know What Happiness Is These solar powered pets will make you want to sunbathe, too! ??


These adorable animals enjoying the sunshine know what feels good. But their sunbathing is doing more than making them feel wonderful. Nicknamed the “sunshine cure,” Vitamin D derived from the basking in the sun, along with a healthy diet, is good for the heart, boosts the immune system, builds strong bones, and can even prevent some cancers.

The warm sun also helps reduce pain, and increases happy hormones in the brain, and is the perfect natural sleep inducer, as these snoozing pets can attest. So next time you feel tired or stressed, maybe it’s time to stretch out with your best fur friend and take a nice, warm nap.

1. And then a ray of light came along and all the dogs in its path fell fast asleep….

2. These dogs divided up their sunshine so no one could get greedy.

3. One of these dogs looks like she can’t decide between doing sit ups or taking a nap.

4. I’ve sunned and I can’t get up.

5. I’ll just climb up here and sit in the sun for a minute….pug plonk.

6. A sunny spot made just for me.

7. Sunny spot for everyone.

8. Oscar the mini house pig loves to sunbathe.

9. Be sure to get some sun on all the parts.

10. Chicken nuggies sunny side up.

11. Enlightened pose. Ohmmmm….

12. It was worth the climb to reach the warm sun chair.

13. Beam me up sun gods.

14. When there is only one sunny spot, you dog pile.

15. The king of his sunny kingdom.

16. Graceful sun dog striking a pose.

17. Nothing to see here except a cat sploot in the sun.

18. Most comfy sunny spot.

19. When it feels too good to move.

20. Boston baked bean.

21. Frenchie fries.

22. Golden ray of sunshine.

23. Pittie sun sploot.

24. Parrot catching some rays.

25. Lounging lizard.

26. Awwww, the sunbathing cuddles.

27. The sweetest face of peace and happiness with little crossed paws.


28. Sunny on me tummy.

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