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22 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog While You’re Stuck At Home These fun things will help pass the time, and your dog will love them!


In a blink, our entire country seemed to be turned on its head as the coronavirus began its spread and Americans were asked to stay at home.  As much as life changed overnight, some things stay the same, such as taking care of our family and our pets.

Between social distancing, working from home, and massive layoffs, many are finding themselves spending a lot more time with their fur babies yet have a lot less options to entertain them.

We’ve come up with some fun ideas to help you pass the time, keep you entertained, and give you both some much needed mental and physical stimulation to help get your mind off things for a little while.

  1. Hide treats around your front and backyard and let your dog find them.
  2. Practice recall, sit, come, fetch and all those rusty commands you rarely use any more.
  3. Teach an old dog new tricks – watch some advanced training videos and teach your dog some new commands.
  4. Create an obstacle course out of things around the house and teach your dog to go around the course.
  5. Walk your dog around your yard or backyard and practice heeling. Also, teach your kids to leash walk the dog in the backyard.
  6. If your kids are home, create a restful getaway for your pooch to enjoy.
  7. If you’re crafty, make a dog blanket, bed, or tug toys out of old fabric or clothing.
  8. Make a gift basket for shelter dogs using food, treats, and toys. Don’t forget shelter volunteers.
  9. Give your dog a massage.
  10. Watch a video and groom your dog yourself, if you dare.
  11. Make some homemade healthy dog treats, such as dried sweet potatoes.
  12. If you’re lucky enough to have good weather, play outside in the kiddy pool or sprinklers.
  13. Get a basket of tennis balls, put treats inside a few, and let your dog find the treat balls.
  14. Stuff a Kong or other treat puzzle for your dog to enjoy while you binge watch a new series on Netflix.
  15. Teach your dog to play basketball using a box or a basket.
  16. Teach your dog to pick up toys and put them in a toy box.
  17. Get out of the house for a few by taking a walk around the block or drive around the neighborhood.
  18. Teach your dog to find it by hiding their favorite toy.
  19. Blow bubbles with your kids and your dog.
  20. Play hide and seek.
  21. If you’ve been planning to get a new dog, while you’re stuck at home is the perfect time.

If a permanent addition is not on the radar, if you’re dog loves other dogs considering fostering a dog.

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