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16 Big Dogs That Think They Are Little Lap Dogs These dogs don’t know they’re not puppies anymore. 😂


“If it fits, it sits,” that’s what these big doggos must be thinking. Check out these big dogs that think they are lap dogs.

If you have a bigger than lap dog, you’ll love these 16 funny pups trying to squish themselves onto their owner’s lap.

1. When you’re too diva to walk on grass.

Image Credit: IG| the.great.dames

2. Best friend and traveling table.

Image Credit: IG| thefozzball

3. There is a human under all that fluff, we swear…

Image Credit: IG| huddybearhooch

4. Who sayz I’m too big?

Image Credit: IG| letsboopsnoots

5. Are you comfortable? Because I’m comfortable…

Image Credit: IG| 2_tails_of_adventure

6. Perfect position for belly scratches.

Image Credit: IG| bigfluffsamson

7. I’ll love you and I’ll squish you little human.

Image Credit: IG| selorton

8. And, that’s how the chair broke.

Image Credit: FB| Amanda Novy-Martin

9. When you can’t move until the dog wakes up.

Image Credit: IG| npvdh

10. My eyes may adore you and my body fits on you.

Image Credit: IG| cooper.weller

11. There’s always room for yellow.

Image Credit: IG| maniak80

12. Nothing to see here.

Image Credit: IG| mav.the.mn.mutt

13. The pup that needs more than one lap.

Image Credit: FB| Donna Jacobs

14. When mom is more comfy than the bed.

Image Credit: IG| blazeltonthebordercollie

15. See, I can kiss you better from here.

Image Credit: IG| samson_and_emmy

16. The floofiest lap lover.

Image Credit: IG| dotty_theportie

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