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15 Hilarious Reasons You Can’t Trust Your Dog These are funny! ?


Dogs have great personalities and the extreme cuteness factor going on.   Take one look into their eyes, and they’ll melt your heart.  Pet parents love their crazy antics and loving companionship.  Left to their own devices, dogs can get into all sorts of mischief.  Here’s why smart dog owners know they can’t be trusted.

1. They will steal your friends because they are cooler than you.

2. They do this when you’re trying to impress people with how totally cool your dog is.

3. When you’re explaining to someone that your dog is friendly…

4. They will keep you from doing your chores.

5. They don’t hog the bed, they take over the bed.

6. They guilt trip you for doing anything that doesn’t evolve around them.

7. They’ll try to con you out of your food by pretending that they’re starving.

8. They’ll hoard all the toys so no one else can play.

9. They’ll hide from you when they know they’ve been naughty.

10. They won’t give you a minute of privacy. “Hi, it’s me!”

11. They’ll take over your favorite spot of the couch.

12. They are masters at trying to trick you into getting their way.

13. They trick people into thinking they are nicer than you.

14. They don’t get along with cats.

15. They will steal your heart.

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