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Dramatic Pit Bull Faints During Nail Trim And It Doesn’t Get Any Cuter This adorable pit bull deserves an Oscar for his fainting performance!


We all know people who are on the dramatic side.  They blow things out of proportion and can never just go with the flow.  Often drama queens will make life harder for those around them.  Rarely do we find them funny or cute.  That is, until we saw this hilarious pit bull, who is the top drama queen of them all…or shall we say, drama king?

Apparently this adorable pit bull doesn’t like getting a manicure because when his owner picks up the nail clippers, he become a little uncooperative and then gives her the most amusing side eye, ever.

Refusing to lift his paw, she gently takes his.  As soon as she picks up the nail clippers, he begins his Oscar worthy performance and slowly ‘faints’ as if on cue.

Frozen into position on his back, he gazes into the camera as if somehow his antics might stop his nails from getting trimmed.  As he stares, we can only imagine what he must be thinking….exit stage left.

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